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Kate, age 9,
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Rett syndrome

Discovering DAYBUE™ (trofinetide) Caregiver Series

The Discovering DAYBUE Caregiver Series features educational sessions, presented by Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc., to learn about DAYBUE, the first and only FDA-approved treatment for Rett syndrome.

Educational sessions will include:

  • General information about what DAYBUE is, how it was studied, clinical trial results, and possible side effects

  • An overview of patient support services from Acadia Connect®

  • A conversation with a caregiver of an individual living with Rett syndrome

  • An opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A after the session

Date: Saturday, February 3, 2024
12:00 – 2:00 PM CT
Where: Chicago, IL

This two-hour session includes:

  • Clinical presentation by Dr. Arthur Beisang, Pediatrician, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare

  • Presentation by a Family Access Manager, Acadia Pharmaceuticals

  • Conversation with a caregiver of an individual currently taking DAYBUE

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Past events

Discovering DAYBUE Caregiver Webinar

Discovering DAYBUE is an educational webinar for caregivers who may be considering or looking to learn more about treatment with DAYBUE for their loved one.

This one-hour session includes:

  • Clinical overview of DAYBUE from Dr. Carrie Buchanan, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, Greenwood Genetic Center, including general information about DAYBUE, how it's been studied, clinical trial results and possible side effects

  • Overview of our patient support services through Acadia Connect and information on how our team supports families
    throughout their journeys with DAYBUE

  • Conversation with a caregiver of an individual living with Rett syndrome

Support by your side

Acadia Connect is a patient and family support program that connects you and your family with educational support and resources throughout the DAYBUE treatment journey.

Call 1-844-737-2223, MondayFriday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET to learn more about how Acadia Connect can provide you and your child with support throughout the DAYBUE treatment journey.

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